How msp booster is used

When you hack the Movie Star Planet, you will be able to get starcoins and diamonds in your account so that you can buy or design new clothes, to make new movies and to progress from one level to a new level faster. To use msp booster, you should identify the game booster you want to use and to enter the Movie Star Planet username into the booster.  You should enter the number of the diamonds and the starcoins that you wish to credit on the game account.

There is no limitation on the number of the resources that you want to have added in the account. You should choose the offer from a list that has been provided since to have the resources on the account, you have to complete one survey so that you can show that you are a human being and limiting the downloads that can be done on a server. After filling in the required fields, you should click at Submit.  You will follow on-screen instructions in order to have resources that were credited on the game account.  In most cases, there is a need to enter into the email account and to click at the validation link in order to confirm if you are using a real email address. When you go to the MSP page, you will find that the resources had been added on your account. After launching the account, the starcoins and the diamonds that you have added will be available at the account.

Besides using msp booster, you can also use the MSP hack tool.  You can then choose which device you are using while playing the MovieStarPlanet.  You should then choose the number of the diamonds and the starcoins that you want to have credited to the game account. The tool will allow the user to add over 20,000 diamonds and 20,000 to the account.  You can also choose the length of the VIP membership like choosing 1,3,6 or 12 months VIP membership.  When you enter the username and to click at Generate, the website server will want to verify if the information you are giving and they will ask you to do some survey or offers for confirming this.

The code that will be given to you should be filled within the form and you can click at Send. The pop up box can confirm that your identity was verified and you are going to be redirected back to the tool. You need to wait for some moments so that the MSP hack tool can add the resources on the account. The process can take at least two minutes to finish.

When you use the booster, you do not have to worry since your account will be completely safe. The developers ensure that the booster is safe for the players before they can put the hack out. Whenever the game is upgraded, the booster will also be updated to match the new features of the game.  This means that when you use this generator, you should relax completely.

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