Truth or Dare questions and dares for young boys

Truth or Dare is the game where the players have to answer the questions truly or they may have to get involved into the risky behavior. The boys may take risks throughout completing dares and the boys that are conservative; they may decide to answer the questions.  Choosing truth or dare should be based on the ability of taking the risks and to share the personal information.

It is good to ask the questions to the boys in regards of their crushes or relationships.  The boy may be asked to talk about the girl that he likes and if it is a girl who is already known, the boy may be asked if he had the first kiss with the girl. Being teased cannot be fun so for anyone who knows the crushes of other kids, they should not be given hard time and besides teasing, it is good to encourage the shy person to talk to the other person he likes.

The dare can be to call the girl that the person got the crush on. The person can be asked to call that girl before others to make sure that the dare has been successful.  The boy can ask the crush to spend some time with him playing the video games or playing at the local park.  Even if this is the dare that can seem common, the boys who are shy, it may be the motivation that they need in order to pursue the girls they like.

The boys can also be asked to talk about the time that they were embarrassed. Embarrassing times may not be easy for anyone to talk about but when such information is shared, other people may relate to them. It is good to laugh about such experience if the friend is laughing but it is not good if you ridicule them. Sharing such information can help to keep a bond when such information is not talked about to other people who are not playing.

Besides the questions, a friend can also be dared to dress up in accessories and clothing that make him to look like a famous person, super hero or an animal.   The accessories and the clothing should be provided to the person who has to do such dare. This game can be even more embarrassing when the person is asked to behave like the character he is dressed for before others.  This is the dare that encourage the person to express the creativity with the communication skills.

There are some examples of questions that can be easy to ask and it cannot be too embarrassing to the person who is being asked. For example, a person can be asked

  • who he is able to kiss for the people who are around him
  • which is the worst birthday gift that a person may have ever received
  • What is a guilty pleasure that you may be trying to hide from other people
  • What a lie have you ever told to a person who is important to you
  • Which person would you wish to date among the people who are playing with you?
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