Common treatment used to get rid of the warts

One of the common wart removers is duct tape therapy. The studies had found out that the duct tape had been used for a long period and it has helped to wipe out many warts compared to the conventional freezing. The warts get covered by the duct tape for at least six days and the warts are then soaked in the warm water and then rubbed using an abrasive item like a pumice stone.  The treatment may be repeated for a long period even over a full month.  However, there are many ways in which the patient may use to treat the warts when they are at home. There are many medications that they can buy and they can use them to get rid of the warts.  Some of the treatments used are the solution that has 17 percent salicylic acid and patch.  These treatments have to be used on daily basis for many weeks.

The two medications are Occulusal HP and Compound W. Another common treatment is called freeze away and it is the method used normally and it removes the warts using only some few treatments. The warts are the skin growth and they are the results of the Human Papillomavirus.  As other virus, the warts virus is passed from a person to another person. You may get the warts virus when you use the objects that the person who is sick had used.

Warts are normally rough and they are skin colored. However, sometime the can be dark, smooth and flat.  The warts can grow one at a time or in the full bunches. They can bleed if they are cut or pickled. They may contain some tiny black dots and they are known as wart seed.  The dots are normally small and they are blood vessels that have been clotted.

There are many types of the warts, the common warts that are grown on the hands. They are common were the skin had been broken like the fingernails that has been bitten. Plantar warts can be found on the plantar area and on the soles and feet. The genital warts are warts that are sexually transmitted and they may appear both internally and externally.

Freezing also called cryotherapy is the method which is used in removing the warts. Burning or electrosurgery is among the method also that can be used as alternative to remove the warts. The lasers are being used if other types of the therapy had failed. There is the surface peeling preparation like salicylic acid. The retinoids are the medications that are gotten from the vitamin A and they are used to stop the skin cell growth in the warts. Another wart remover is injection to every wart using anti-cancer drug which is called Bleomycin. Injection can be painful and it may come with other side effects. The Immunotherapy can be used and it attempts to make the body to do its rejection system besides the treatment method which is being used.  The new warts have to be treated faster to avoid the cases of shading the virus to another space and to create the additional warts.

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