Reasons Why a Luxury Rehab is What You Need

Are you one of the people who always says “just one more beer”, and ends up emptying a gallon? If yes, you are not alone. There are so many people struggling with this kind of addiction, and even though they think they can recover on their own they actually just can’t.

And it doesn’t even have to be a severe addiction, if the substance is having any negative effects in your life then you need help. And the sooner you accept it the better it is for you and the people around you, because they are affected just as much as you are.

When looking for fine rehabs, you should definitely consider luxury rehab as well. When people hear the names of luxury rehabs like sage recovery villa, they just tend to pass through that option as if they were something abstract. When in reality the relapse rate of luxury rehabs is way lesser than the other rehabs.

No Boring Clinical Environment

Going through different rehabs, you may realize that they have a sort of hospital-like feel. This may make you reluctant in checking in with one. And why shouldn’t it? You will probably end up being bored, restless and then ultimately depressed. Something that is definitely not good for your substance issues.

Especially if you are someone who is more adapted to the finer quality in life, even spending a day would be hard for you. And because your well-being is the first priority, you should look for an environment where you can start being healthy and not sicker each day.

And that’s why you should look for luxury rehabs, much like sage recovery villa. These rehabs make recovery feel more like a vacation with rooms like a 5-star hotel and so many other facilities like swimming pools, etc. This actually helps you sober up with focus and stay relaxed instead of depressing you more and making recovery harder.

Top Notch Staff

This is one of the best aspects of the luxury rehabs, that they have the top notch staff. You will not feel like you are thrown just to anyone and left to struggle on your own. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

They not only have the best methods to deal with the addicts, but also staff that are highly qualified and updated with the latest and most effective treatments that can be used.

They usually have the bets therapists that there are and usually have a much higher therapist to patient ratio than any of the other rehabs. This way they can give enough attention to each individual member keenly and help them get better at a much faster pace.

In regular rehabs, there are bigger number of clients than there is staff and so most of them are neglected. Because, unsurprisingly, the professionals can’t give attention to each individual as they need it.

Gourmet Meals and Room Service

When recovering from the substance abuse, it doesn’t help that you are treated like a patient. In fact, you deserve to be treated with utmost respect and courtesy being the clients of the rehab.

And luxury rehabs do exactly that for you. Instead of treating you like people locked in a hospital ward, they treat you like a respectful client and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Their meals are one of those many great things. They have gourmet meals prepared for you every day. And that too by expert professional chefs. No one wants a bleak and boring food menu especially when you are detoxifying a substance from your body. You need all the great meals that you can get. Luxury rehabs like sage recovery villa take care of that.

In fact many of them even have room service, as if you were just enjoying a vacation at some high-class hotel. This is how these rehabs are dedicated to providing you comfort and ease.

Well Furnished Private Rooms

Well it may be good to hear other people tell their story of addiction and knowing others are going through exactly what you are, but it’s just how far that goes for some people.

People need their own space and own time to reflect upon themselves and what they have done all day. Having a shared room makes that really hard. In fact, being addicts and probably experiencing withdrawal symptoms, it is actually better to not put two people in the same place.

Having time to reflect and unwind is very important when you are recovering. And is done better with any disturbance or being conscious that someone else is in the rom.

Moreover, they also have the best furniture in the private rooms. Much like a hotel, they have amazing quality of beds and couches. You can easily relax and read a book or enjoy a great quality sleep on the comfortable bed.

Alternative Therapy

As already mentioned, luxury rehabs use the best and most proven ways to deal with the addicts. But in addition to that, they also offer alternative therapies.

Alternative therapies are important to reaching a sound mental and body health. And so these rehabs offer activities like painting, sculpture, music, drawing, etc. to let the clients express themselves as they feel best. It gives the clients to be creative about their ideas and for adults who rarely have the time to create anymore, this can be a very refreshing experience.

These kind of activities may sometimes be available in other rehabs, but the quality of material, environment and accessibility is much better in the luxury rehabs.

Sage Recovery Villa

One of the best luxury rehabs out there is the sage recovery villa. They have the most luxurious rooms, services and facilities for you including swimming pools, basketball court, mediating garden, reading room, and much more . And they also have amazing experts that will help you through this hard time of recovery while keeping you absolutely relaxed physically and mentally.

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